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Telephone Banking System

When you log into telephone banking for the first time you will need to use the last four digits of your Social Insurance Number for your passcode. After successfully logging in you will be able to change your passcode by navigating through to the change passcode prompt.

Press Release

Technology Upgrade Press Release - click here.

Technology Upgrade Updates

The following items are important to note post-upgrade. Always visit https://www.wldcu.com/Personal for the latest information regarding the Technology Upgrade.

  • When you log in for the first time you will need to enter your Personal Access Code (PAC) and Accept Agreement and reset your Increased Authentication questions.
  • No account history will show post upgrade. Please download cheque images and any electronic statements you may need. You will receive a printed statement covering the period June 1 – June 20 and another printed and/or electronic statement covering the remainder of the month.
  • Bill payments created by you may not show after the upgrade. Please take note of all your current scheduled bill payments and record them for future reference.
  • For ALL online bill payments scheduled between June 21 and June 24, please reschedule those payments to a date either before June 21 or after June 24 as they won't be processed during these dates.
  • e-Statements may not be available until June 27.
  • Stock up on personal and business cheques! We will continue to print cheques at the branch but the service will be interrupted and may not be available for a few weeks.
  • Internal Automatic Withdrawals – those that are destined to pay a loan with us, or transfer to another account or member will process end of day Wednesday, June 22.
  • Pre-authorized payments – those institutions that pull directly from your account to pay for things like BC Hydro, gym membership, etc. will process normally.
  • Automatic transfers in MemberDirect® will need to be changed to run either before June 21 or after June 23, as these will not be processed during the upgrade.
  • In MemberDirect® your e-transfer recipients list will need to be added again after the upgrade. Please ensure that you write down all your information for these recipients so that you can re-enter them easily after the upgrade.

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