Keep up to date on your account activity with Williams Lake and District Credit Union's online banking alerts. You can receive alerts to notify you of your daily account balance, as well as security alerts that notify you if your personal access code (PAC) has been changed. These alerts can be received by way of text message or e-mail. Click here to access the setup guide for alerts.

Receive Alerts via E-mail or Text Message

The alerts you sign up for are sent to the e-mail address or mobile phone contact number that you provide. You can even have alerts sent to both your e-mail address and your mobile phone simultaneously so there is less chance that you will miss an alert.

Added Security

Alerts can be set up to notify you if your personal access code (PAC) has been changed or if a new bill payment vendor has been added to your account. These options give you peace of mind, notifying you immediately that your PAC has been altered by an unauthorized individual or that a new bill payment vendor has been added to your account.

Save Money On Fees

Alerts can help prevent overdraft and NSF fees by notifying you when large transactions are made from your account or when your accounts drop below a minimum balance threshold set by you.

Choose Your Alerts

You decide which alerts you want to receive from several types of custom alerts. Here are examples of some of the alerts we offer.

  1. Security Alerts

    • PAC Changed
      • notifies you when the personal access code you use to access your accounts online (through our site or through our app) has been changed
    • New Payee Added
      • notifies you when a payee has been added online to your bill payment vendor list
  2. Balance and Activity Alerts

    • My Balance
      • provides a balance alert for all selected accounts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
    • Low Balance
      • provides notification when your account drops below the customized value that you input for this alert
    • Interac e-Transfer® Recipient added
      • provides notification when a new e-Transfer® recipient is added to online banking so you can verify it
  3. Payment Alerts

    • Insufficient Funds
      • provides notification for any account overdrawn or a line of credit that has been overextended
    • Scheduled payment or transfer may fail
      • sends an alert out the day the scheduled payment or transfer is set to go through if there are not sufficient funds in the account to process the transaction
  4. Investment Alerts

    • Term Deposit Maturing
      • provides notification for term deposits that are about to mature
    • Loan or Mortgage Payment Due
      • provides notification when your Loan or Mortgage payment is due

How Do I Sign Up?

Log into online banking and click the Messages and Alerts tab and follow the setup process.

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