Additional Services

Need to make a deposit to your business account, but the branch is closed? Need a wire transfer or foreign currency draft? We can help. See what additional services we can offer your business.

Automated Funds Transfer

Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) transactions are automatic debits and credits to an account, processed on pre-determined dates or at regular intervals. The account owner pre-authorizes a debit or credit to their account for a specified dollar amount.

Further information about our CAFT product can be found here, and we also have a brief tour of the CAFT program found here.

Night Deposit

This service allows members to drop off deposits at any time, providing the added protection of not having to leave excess funds at the business premises overnight.

Foreign Exchange

With Canadians travelling to many locations around the world, access to a wide variety of foreign currency is more important than ever.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Safeguard your valuables with one of our Safety Deposit Boxes.

Money and Wire Transfers

You can transfer money from one account to another, to other Credit Union members, or to other recipients at most financial institutions in Canada, the US and many international destinations.


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